Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter white (and vegetable green) for Sunday Stamps

Today's theme for Sunday Stamps is winter white. I chose a postage label on a piece sent by Eric - snow globes with a snowy scene.

They came attached to this amazing piece from Eric, a Christmas sprout and his many friends. The scanner scans the foil red antlers as black, so here are some photos instead.

Thanks, Eric, for this great piece (from a gift bag, I think?) - it was a very entertaining piece of Christmas mail.

For more winter white on stamps, head over to the links at Sunday Stamps.


  1. Yep this was a gift bag that I used. Glad it could make it !

  2. I didn't know it is named 'snow globe', those are joyful stamps!

  3. I've not seen a snow globe for years so to see one on a stamp is a great surprise.

    1. To be fully transparent these stamps are not real stamps but they are label that you print at home from the Postal Service website. They propose several different designs which are usually linked to the period of the year.

    2. Thanks for the full story, Eric, I didn't realize these were printed at home.

  4. I'm glad the sprouts are enjoying themselves, so funny.