Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Eva's awesome Christmas mail

Great holiday mail from Eva. I love the stylized reindeer, and check out the Christmas bell-shaped stamp, and the giant marzipan stamp. The colors on the stamps work so nicely with the envelope, too.

Eva wrote her note on two postcards. They are titled A is for Art (top) and Q is for Quality and Quantity.

Several days after Mr Reindeer, this showed up.

I think it has had some sort of adventure (without visible signs as to where exactly it has been), because it was mailed Dec 13, and arrived Jan 20.


  1. The uber-suits are so cool. Be sure to check my blog for your recent work that has been re-posted in a bonus post today.

  2. I posted yesterday a letter to you, asking if the first Christmas letter had arrived. Yes,it was posted on 12 December. Wherever it has been, it hasn't been alone: most of my Christmas letters has showed up this week!

    1. It has a different postmark to most of your mail - a bit hard to read - *illegible* de la Victoria is part of it.

    2. But still cancelled 13 December, so to see..?

      I love the drawing on the envelope on top!

    3. It was posted in the post office of a village called "Rincón de la Victoria".

    4. Heleen, I like this guy a lot, too - nicely stylized. And his head reminds me of a marshmallow for some reason...

      Eva, thanks! Perhaps the envelope was enjoying a few extra days on the Costa del Sol before heading to the cold American Midwest.