Monday, May 22, 2017

Inkblot Mondays part 3

It's time for another inkblot.

What do you see?

I'll be back in a week to share my thoughts.

A link to last week's ink blot.

Bonus - the envelope in which I sent my inkblots to the host, Honi:


  1. I see the face of an alien....

  2. I also see a face, but of an old clown. Love the inkblot stamp.

  3. I see animals coming out of the mist two by two. From the top, hedgehogs, gibbons or baboons chattering with each other (only their faces are visible), 2 little mice and 2 butterflies at the bottom

  4. je vois des poings fermés avec les pouces en bas et des cranes de lapin !

  5. I have to admit I didn't see much in this one. The two larger blots near the top - maybe two brains, or maybe two big cats talking to each other? Sort of close to fafa's skulls. And the two bigger ones in the middle - maybe pelvic bones, or maybe two fishes about to kiss?