Saturday, July 1, 2017

International Migratory Bird Day

Stripygoose came up with the idea to send birds back and forth to be in transit or mailed on this day.

She sent me this fun bird.

And I sent her these birds in envelope 889.

And then I received what I assume was supposed to be a bird from Pam V, as she was on the list and there's one on the front. Sadly it was almost entirely eaten by a postal machine monster.

I sent her this bird-themed envelope in return.

Heleen sent me this wonderful cardinal in a bird envelope with a very cool chicken stamp (and matching the red, a December stamp from my favorite Dutch postage).

I sent her this chicken envelope.

Not part of the migration, but on the topic of birds in general and chickens in particular, this great envelope made from a year of the rooster calendar page, accompanied by beautifully matching stamps, arrived from Fabienne.

More chickens sent to her, too :)


  1. What a lovely series of envelopes!

    1. Thanks, they were fun to create and receive.

  2. Beautiful Birds mail! Birds belong to my favourite themes.
    And the French rooster stamp is so wonderful! I never had seen these before. Thank you for sharing all these delightful works of mail!

    1. Glad you enjoyed today's post - I had fun putting it together. I am amazed at how well Fabienne matched the wonderful rooster stamps to the envelope.