Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tall Ships on Sunday Stamps

Today's theme for Sunday Stamps is Tall Ships.

There is one on this envelope that I purchase from Edelweiss Post. Issued in 1983, it celebrates the tricentennial of German immigration to the New World on the Concord. This was a joint issue with Germany, and you can read more about this issue here.

I received this wonderful envelope and matching card (collage) from Susan. Of the many beautiful vintage stamps, one is titled Roanoke Voyages, issued in 1984 celebrating 400 years since the first English settlers arrived on the east coast. The names of the vessels involved are no longer known. More details about the release here.

One of the stamps celebrating the centennial of the US National Park Service features a tall ship. I have sent this one a few times, although never received it myself.

From the US National Park Service website: 'The San Francisco Maritime stamp depicts the square-rigger Balclutha and steam tugboat Hercules anchored in the park.' The Balclutha dates from 1886, and the Hercules from 1907.

You can read more about this National Park here.

And you can see more Tall Ships on postage by checking out the links here.


  1. I confused your Concord with Concorde, the supersonic plane, to begin with. The link to the 1683 story soon corrected me - a very interesting history of settlement.

    1. Amazing the number of influxes America has had, and continues to have.

  2. It's interesting that Germany would issue a stamp for those who let their country for America (no wonder that point was in small print!)

    1. I live in part of town originally settled by German immigrants in the 1800s.