Sunday, January 13, 2019

U is for Ultraviolet

This great stamp was issued to celebrate the International Fantasy Film Festival that happens in Sitges (Spain) every year. I believe 2018 was the 51st festival.

The interesting aspect of the stamp is that there is an additional image only visible under ultraviolet light.

I tried to get a decent picture of it under UV light - it was a little bit clearer to the naked eye, but the camera didn't get a great shot. It looks like a reddish person (a medieval knight, maybe?) holding a pennant.

Update: definitely not the knight idea - it is the classic cowled figure of death, scythe in hand. Thanks for the correction from Eva.

A cool idea, and I love the gorilla (King Kong, I assume) on the stamp. It accompanied this great card, which I appreciate being a fan of science fiction.

Enjoy more links to U-themed stamps over at Sunday Stamps.


  1. It's very difficult to take a picture of this! I think it's a dreadful figure: the Death carrying a scythe :|

    You can see here the full sheet.

    1. Thanks so much for the link to the full picture - I did not manage to find that, or one of the UV image on the stamp, at all.

      I presume the image is to represent the 'horror' genre. I certainly did not get to see the face, or right side of the scythe, and I looked for a while under a UV light.

      Still, I love the stamp overall - the size, the color, and the gorilla :)

  2. Ah death stalking the margins, love a 'secret' message on stamps.

    1. I believe the latest Royal Mail Harry Potter stamps from 2018 have secrets that are revealed under UV light as well.

  3. I don't like these secrets revealed only under UV light as I can never see them properly!
    But, I am with you on science fiction :)