Saturday, January 12, 2019

From Rachael with thanks

A while ago I hosted an MMSA swap where participants were invited to make hand made envelopes.

Lots of lovely envelopes were turned in for the swap. You can click to see part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7.

As the host it is a lot of fun to sift through the packages that arrive - often the sender includes something extra for the host (like this envelope I sent to Eva). You can see the stunning envelope Rachael sent in here.

Less fun is when a swapper doesn't receive their expected package. The envelopes were mailed out in early November 2017, and by November 21 Rachael still hadn't received hers.

Fortunately the swappers had very generously sent me extra envelopes, plus of course I have my own stash, so I sent a replacement set off to Rachael which she received December 6th.

And of course after I sent a replacement set of envelopes, the original packet arrived, with 4c postage due on December 26th. I am always very careful to go to the post office and weigh the packets to make sure they have the correct postage, so this surprised me. At least it made it about 6 weeks after it was sent!

So Rachael was extremely nice and sent me a few things inside this great envelope. Not sure why the stamp didn't fare so well.


Amongst other things (that may or may not show up on the blog at some point), Rachael included some very nice vintage stamps inside this mini-envelope.

So thank you for the thank you goodies, Rachael!


  1. J'aime beaucoup l'enveloppe de Rachael ,elle me fait fait penser aux vieilles affiches publicitaires de Raymond Savignac !

  2. Just curious - what does the word -feel- mean in this sentence? And it is in the first pp, too.

    So Rachael was extremely nice and feels like a few things inside this great envelope.

    1. I don't speak French, so I really a lot on google translate (although it isn't always correct!)

      For Fafa's comment it comes up with: I really like Rachael's envelope, it reminds me of Raymond Savignac's old advertising posters.

    2. On re-reading your question and my blog post, I think your question was directed at me, not Fafa. I was looking for the word 'feels' and didn't find it in my post.

      My sentence above reads: So Rachael was extremely nice and sent me a few things inside this great envelope.

      Hopefully blogger isn't displaying an older edit of this page :)

    3. Yes. Question was to you - it said *feels* earlier - I kept reading it to try to figure out what it meant- then when I went back (after I saw your reply) it was as it is now. So - not sure how that happened. I think there are *forces* within Google that track us and mess with us. Right now they are monitoring our conversation and when we are not being vigilant - they will mess with us again. In my dreams, I get a job with Google, driving around doing streetview filming. I'd like to talk to someone who's done it to see what it's like. I have read articles about it. They do not work very many hours per day - but I imagine they need to be very technically savvy.

    4. Spooky! And Halloween is quite far away...