Saturday, March 23, 2019

A blue flower and a dog

Great illustration of a blue flower on this envelope from Eva, and a very large stamp showing a dog.

The stamp is issued as a single, with this kennel as part of the selvage design.


  1. Le même courrier vu deux fois la même semaine ,comme c'est amusant ,sur celle d'Eva on n'avait pas vu la niche !

    1. My first thought was, 'why post the envelope twice' and then I realized that the first time this beauty has been posted on Eva's blog :-)

    2. But I like to see the after and before, don't you? ;)

    3. Love to see before and after. Not too often that Eva and I post the same piece so close together. And I think only twice that it happened on the same day.

  2. That exactly was my second thought :-)
    Nice to see how Correos added a nice postmark to the mail, and to see that the envelope survived the long journey (maybe even in a freezing cold cargo space in an airplane) quite well!