Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A fab painted envelope

Another wonderful envelope arrived from Fafa, this one is hand painted. It gained an extra postmark (in purple, I think). An interesting addition.

And really fascinating stamp of Sophie Calle - a living artist and writer. I love the perspective chosen. 

Thanks for such a nice sending and all the great contents.


  1. Happy that you like this letter and its contents ,i realy like the postage stamp of Sophie Calle .Did you notice the little bird on the other stamp ,it 's a kingfisher of Europe (un martin pêcheur d'Europe) It is a very beautiful bird ,i saw one last year in at the "étang des Comelles"in the city of Chantilly .

    1. I only noticed the kingfisher after I scanned the envelope. Both great stamps - I was a bit surprised to see a living person on a stamp.

    2. I also received this stamp from Fabienne, and I think I fell immediately in love :)

  2. S Calle is an artist ,a photographer ,she photographed 107 women reading a letter of rupture that they were just discovered

  3. A beautiful envelope! And beautiful stamps - reading woman; the kingfisher is one of my favourite birds although I know him/her from photos only. And how nice to see the Post added matching postmarks :-)