Thursday, January 23, 2020

A long journey

A card sent from South Africa October 15, 2019 arrived yesterday. That's a 98 day journey! It is the first time I've seen a postal label from South Africa, and interestingly the country name is only on the postmark, and not the label.

What is your longest mail adventure?


  1. That's quite a trip!

    On the Correos labels isn't written the word "Spain" either (I'll post one of these for you to see).

    I don't remember the longest adventure. I've had some letters delivered after months. For instance.

    One of the shortest happened yesterday (22 January). A postcard from Austria arrived through the Postcrossing system, and it says that the address was requested on 20 January - ?!

    1. One clue on the SA label is that the cost is in R (for Rand).

      That is an amazingly quick trip. The only one I've had like that travelled from Paris to the north of England in 2 days.