Friday, January 31, 2020


If I checked the time zones correctly, the UK has now left the EU. This blog is rarely political, however this is such a major event that last year, when Brexit was supposed to happen, I made some mail art packages that I sent out. Included were instructions so that the recipient could have their own Brexit or Regrexit, or even a third option.

Alan T returned this to me:

And here's a cartoon sent to me by Fafa, that is drawn by Plantu, a well-known French political cartoonist.

The Royal Mint is issuing a new 50p coin to note the UK's departure.

My favorite story about it is Sir Philip Pullman's unhappiness about the coin - not because of the Brexit link, but due to the lack of an Oxford comma.

In all seriousness, as disappointed as I am about Brexit, I really hope that it works out well for everyone in the end. At the very least things can move forward instead of being in a weird state of uncertain limbo.

Normal service will resume tomorrow on the blog.


  1. In Dutch there usually should be no comma before the word 'and', and I thought this might be the same in English. Plus the word 'prosperity' is too wide, a comma wouldn't fit well :-)

    Anyway, I agree, it is a sad thing to separate/divorce this way (also considering the parts of the UK who didn't want a Brexit, and don't forget the mixed families who will face a problem now or in future.. Also I hope all will turn out well for everyone in the end.

    1. Maybe there is space below the last arm of the Y in prosperity?

      In English it can be in both places, but leaving it out is more common.

      Sad, yes, however I have hope it will all work out in the end.