Thursday, March 19, 2020


Today is the equinox, and the stamps on this envelope from Fafa made me think of half light, half dark. 

My scanner certainly did think so on the light stamp, a photo shows off the stamp better. They are from the annual series of heart stamps with designs created by French companies, often in the fashion industry.

And some color on the inside for the first day of spring, and a message of hope in these difficult and uncertain times.

Thanks, Fafa.

To everyone who reads the blog - stay safe, and stay strong!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I find the heart stamp designs fascinating.

  2. Merci Phillip et merci encore pour toutes les jolies lettres reçues ces dernières semaines ,à partir de lundi plus de courrier donc il faudra être patient ,en profiter pour regarder les belles cartes et lettres reçues , la situation sanitaire en France devient compliquée ,comme tu le dis si bien "stay safe and stay strong

    1. I hope the mail continues to work - I think it is going to be a lifeline for many people. Thanks for your nice comments.