Monday, March 2, 2020

Listen to any good stories lately?

I sent Heleen envelope 959 made from a paper bag, and used some Harry Potter stamps (issued in 2013) to go with it.

This envelope is the sibling of this one I sent to Eva last year (image from her blog):

Any guesses (except Eva and Heleen) which shop the bag is from?


  1. Only now I realise that the Louise Penny's books are featured on the envelope! I hadn't read any when I got it.

  2. How great to see the siblings in one blog post!
    And thank you so much for the wonderful envelope, and stamps and content!
    And just now I see the 'hidden hint': as long as I don't have (or make) time to read a good book, I should listen to audiobooks:-)

    1. I think they look nice together, glad you enjoyed yours.