Friday, May 8, 2020

Bonus postcard about a bonus day

In her mail from earlier this week, Heleen included a card from a postcrossing meetup held on February 29th, with some attendees on the back and a lovely stamp.

Thanks for this bonus, Heleen!


  1. On that day, we (in NL) weren't aware that there would be a 'before' and 'after' covid-19 time (we are now in the 'during' era). With the 'knowledge of today' (Dutch expression: met de kennis van nu) I think this card marks the transition of our society.
    Amazing that in only two months, we cannot imagine anymore how it was to sit with all those attendees at the same table, next and close to each other, writing and stamping postcrossing meetup cards! Even when seeing crowds or people shaking hands on tv, I and even my teen kids frown their eyebrows, thinking 'be careful'!