Friday, May 29, 2020

A postal almost-misadventure

I started sending and receiving postcards via Postcrossing this year. I've received some great postcards so far, and had fun choosing cards to send out. 

Today I received a great postcard sent from Belgium featuring a drawing of Amsterdam's famous red light district by artist Guus van Eck. You can see more of his work at his website.

Even better than the postcard is the story told on the other side by the sender.

"I bought this card in Amsterdam. My sister lives there (followed her love). We wanted to send a card to our nieces who were at camp with the youth movement. We found one in the style of Van Gogh. And then we searched for another one in the same style. We found this one (we were in a hurry). At home we realized by looking at it more closely it was an adult card :| and we never sent it."

This put a big smile on my face, thinking about her realizing the nature of the card, and also imagining this card showing up at a kids' camp :) Definitely my favorite Postcrossing postcard received so far.

Have you had any funny almost-misadventures with a letter or postcard?


  1. That's a fun story. Maybe the girls wouldn't had noticed.

    1. They may not have, but I am guessing that someone at the camp would notice.