Friday, January 20, 2023

Postage increases Sunday, January 22nd

 USPS is increasing most of its prices on Sunday

1 oz letter up 3c to 63c

Additional oz stays the same at +24c per oz

1 oz letter = 63c

2 oz letter = 87c

3 oz letter = $1.11

3.5 oz letter (the max weight for a letter) =  $1.35

Non-machineable surcharge up 1c to +40c. Non-machineable is a non-rectangular or non-flexible piece that won't bend as it goes through the sorting machines.

1 oz non-machineable letter = $1.03 

2 oz non-machineable letter = $1.27

3 oz non-machineable letter = $1.51

3.5 oz non-machineable letter = $1.75

Domestic postcard up 4c to 48c

International mail 1oz letters and postcards up 5c to $1.45


You can purchase stamps at the current price until Saturday, however if you're buying online note that the USPS website will be down from 11pm eastern time (8pm pacific) for maintenance.

Most other categories of mail (large envelopes, packages, etc) are going up as well. Check online or at your post office.


These otters and flowers look happier in the snow than I will be later this weekend - stay safe if you're subject to a storm in the next few days.


  1. Les prix sont bien moins chers qu'en France, imagine qu'une oz = 31 grammes ,le tarif pour une lettre de 20 g est de 1.16 pour la France et sera distribuée en 3 à 4 jours ,pour l'internationale c'est 1.80 euros (carte postale ou lettre jusqu'à 20 grammes) :(

    1. Letters and postcards are really cheap to send within and from the US compared to Europe, even with the increases.

    2. And international mail is cheaper in France than in Spain!

    3. It is definitely not a cheap habit any more

  2. Today will be a messy day with rain changing over to a little snow. Not nearly as much as you got or are getting. I forgot to go the post office Thursday to get the new Love stamps. Hopefully, I'll remember to go Saturday morning. Stay safe

    1. I don't know why, but I kept on typing Monday, 22nd, instead of Sunday. Sorry for any misinformation!