Friday, January 3, 2014

3D address 3 - Smash

Smash gave me permission to post this - I had run out of the blue/red kaleidoscope stamps, so tried a different color combination for her envelope. I think the colors matched a bit better in reality than they do on this scan - Smash may have to confirm or refute.


  1. this is really cool. i like this color combination, too. it doesn't matter to me if the colors are an exact match.

  2. This is a very successful envelope, but if you want to nit pick the green of the stamp is more lime than the lettering which leans to Christmas green. This would not have occurred to me if you had not mentioned it. How did you do this anyway? Since there is no blue in the stamp maybe it should not have been the dominant color

  3. OK all of the above is ridiculous. This is a great envelope. I am not capable of doing this. The trouble spot is not the color, it's the lower case D in field. The other Ds are OK but this one leave a hole and it changes the rhythm of the reading

  4. Hi, Jean. Thanks. It didn't matter all that much to me, either, I think it has a lot to do with colors looking different on my computer to reality.

    Hi, Smash. Someone mentioned something about the lowercase d on Jean's 3D envelope. I think I was trying to save time by re-using letters that could be mirror images of each other (p,b,d, and g,a,e for example). I should probably have taken the time to have B and D be 5x5 letters like the M. Then the holes would be more sparse.

    I'm glad you liked the envelope - I think I chose a color for the 'front' of the letters that wasn't on the stamp because that is how I did the blue/red/purple envelopes.

    I made these letters in photoshop, using a 3D graph paper (also called isometric graph paper) image as the background. I think I was trying to make something geometric like the stamp. It's also a bit of a test for the PO, which they passed with flying colors (pardon the pun).