Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Envelope 136 / Exchange 9 / Happy New Year!

I think out of all the envelopes I sent in the exchange this one that I sent to Smash was my favorite. I think it was also the only one of the new batch.

Envelope 136

Stamped: this one was such a colorful envelope that I struggled a lot with what stamp to choose. In the end I felt that the vibrant colors and energy of the Celia Cruz stamp worked really well. (This is one of the stamps that never thought I'd have an envelope for).

I copied the style of the pink-on-turquoise text for the address - I had some concerns about legibility, however I went with it - I like sending things out into the mailverse and seeing what happens.

And finally, the back.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, have a great 2014, hopefully with some creative mail ideas.

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