Thursday, January 16, 2014

Not one of the envelopes... The Italian Penguin

This envelope was an unexpected one... I do like the large black letters that Jean W uses, they are stylish and fun at the same time.

The stamps on this one are great - particularly the Italian one (which the PO decided should also be cancelled), and I really like the little penguin sticker. Having lived through the 'polar vortex' I have a new respect for the creatures.

And Jean's note refers to this being a replacement envelope for the one she originally intended to send... maybe it was one of the Jubilee ones? I am sure the mystery will be solved in time.


  1. correct. i am not ready to part with your jubilee envelope.

  2. :) Hang on to it as long as you like! Your series is growing and making converts - the trend of 2014?