Monday, March 10, 2014

MMSA Altered Postcards - Escher 1

I've been creating postcards for the Mail Me Some Art challenges. Up until now I've been designing in photoshop and printing the postcards using my desktop printer.

This challenge is to alter postcards in some way - add something, cut something away etc. Initially I had no plans to enter this one, then half-remembered that I had some postcards stashed away in the basement that I bought in the late 80s/early 90s.

This is one where I cut some parts away from a postcard featuring Escher's Grass Snakes.

Early stages:

Rear view:

With different colored paper behind the card:

I'll be interested to see how these cards travel through the mail.


  1. Speaking of your basement....when you first ran across my blog and remembered the *100* envelopes in your basement, were there exactly 100? The envelope with the sunglasses says 106, but it looks like old paper, so, I am curious if there were more than 100 envelopes in your stash in the basement. Also, if you have continued numbering, what number are you on now? Do you include envelopes in your numbering system? Or did you start with 1 when you added postcards to your mail art?

    1. The '100' comes from the fact that the first one I sent out (after the 20 yr hiatus) was the envelope numbered 100. Of the vintage ones, the 'youngest' I had left was #60 - and I still haven't sent that one - and the 'oldest' was #120, with some gaps inbetween.

      I have continued the numbering system on the envelopes, and currently (after a new round of making more this weekend) my stash is up to #237.

      I have not numbered the postcards - and now I wish I had! Maybe I'll start doing that... I should get a number stamp like I've seen on some mail art.

  2. Phillip, your altered post cards are great. You must have all sorts of fun stuff stashed in that basement. Treasures really. I hope you continue to find more and share on your blog. I am becoming a real fan!

    1. Thank you. The crazy thing is, I have never done anything like this before. There were only a few Escher postcards left; I have some other postcards that I altered with text - they'll show up on the blog eventually, although you'll most likely see them on MMSA first. I don't *think* there's anything mailable left in the basement...