Monday, March 3, 2014

New number one, and aluminum can mail

I check my blog's stats occasionally, and the post about the first envelope I sent to Jean (envelope 100) has been the most viewed... until now.

The new top dog is envelope 81, which I sent to Jack M in the envelope exchange.

Tied in third place are the gingerbread snow scene I sent to Cathy O in the exchange, and the paisley envelope Michelle W sent me.

Rounding out the top 5 is the 3D address I sent to Smash.

And in completely unrelated news, Tony M has blogged about a piece of mail art that you have to see to believe. Kudos to La Poste for delivering it, and to the mail artist who made it.


  1. i'll have to dig into my archives. i have an actual leaf that someone mailed to me.
    i also have to recreate a darling invitation that i once sent. the invitation was on pinkish paper, rolled to represent a hot dog. it was placed inside and actual bun. then wrapped in deli paper. the address was written on a paper sleeve that went around the bun and the stamps were ball park stamps. this was in the days before people sent bad stuff in the mail. i am not sure the p.o. would take a wrapped hotdog bun anymore.

  2. ok...i only allowed myself 3 minutes to see if this blog is worth reading. i might find time to go back. if we have a few more blizzards, i might find time.

  3. That sounds like a very cool invitation - and a great use for the baseball stamps.

    Thanks for the link - I love how creative people are in so many different ways.