Sunday, March 30, 2014

Envelope 67 - first Jimi

I'm way behind on sending envelopes to Smash who has been beyond generous in sending me some stunning envelopes.

Here's one that made me think of her after she mentioned using one of the new Jimi Hendrix stamps.

Link to's story about these fun new stamps in the Music Icons series.

This is an envelope that I really didn't think there'd be a good stamp for. 

Not sure what the picture is from, some futuristic home decor? cool nightclub? The colors and way-out futuristic appearance seem to go well with Mr Hendrix's multi-hued stamp. I anticipate using this stamp on other 'difficult' envelopes - he might end up being the opposite force of Johnny Cash's hiding in dark corners.

Simple black for the address.

This one has a stunning image on the reverse as a pseudo-liner. Wonder why I didn't go for that as the envelope?

And finally, the back, very similar to the front.


  1. Great envelope and liner. They work really well together. Now all you have to do is the find the magazines for the envie and liner and reverse it!

  2. Just as soon as someone invents a time machine so I can go back to 1993!