Friday, February 20, 2015

Envelope 231 - Eat your zipcode

I am usually drawn to the Julie Chen stamp when I look at the celebrity chef sheet - must be the brighter colors. I'll have to start finding some envelopes fro the other chefs - I've only got 1 Julie left.


On a related note, I used food-related stamps on a package recently:


  1. Julia Child and Joyce Chen. You are too young to remember Joyce's TV show. It was very good. I still use some of her recipes. She showed how you could get restaurant results with ordinary cooking utensils.

    1. Sounds like I could do with some of Joyce's lessons myself. I have seen reruns of Julia Child, everyone should cook with a glass of wine in hand.

    2. The only TV chef we had when I was growing up was Keith Floyd and he appeared to be almost permanently sozzled. It was a great joke. If I drank and cooked I would soon cut off a limb.

    3. I remember Floyd - and his constant imbibing. My favorite moment was when he was at Hadrian's Wall, and prepared food that a Roman soldier would have eaten. He gave it to his cameraman to try... who immediately threw it over the wall. I guess tastes have changed! Or maybe a drunk Floyd had burned it - it looked foul.