Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mini-French series - finale

Remember last year's world day of faux stamp artists organized by Tony M? For 2014 all the faux stamped mail was sent to Eni Looka. I created 5 pentagonal stamps celebrating the 5th year of this festive occasion, and sent 5 pieces of mail to Tony so that he could mail them in France, where La Poste agreed to allow faux postage on mail to Eni to be accepted and delivered.

Eni sent this amazing and huge (9x9 inches) envelope in thanks. Note the beautiful circular faux stamp he used. not sure what the big blue T is about (presumably a postal mark), but no actual stamps anywhere to be seen.

The underlying colors behind the cut design came from this. I think this is pretty fancy wrapping paper - sumptuous colors. Amazing how something can be covered up a little and change its appearance completely.

He is clearly a master of cut paper. Inside were these well wishes for 2015. So clever that the letters e and a, and the numbers 2 and 5 all have the same shape.

And a large, uncolored design of the stamp with Eni's note.

Thank you very much, Eni, this is amazing.

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