Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blue and dragons

Well, the dragons aren't blue, but the background is.

Sent to Hester as a thank you for her last stolen page postcard. I know she's been enjoying the dragons going about their dragon business, I hope she'll like her own personal one.

One sent to Steve.

I used my last two year of the Dragon stamps for these guys. The back of the card is lemon colored, I thought the stamp looked surprisingly good against it, although I think I cropped too much yellow away to appreciate this image.


The mystery continues. Points for guessing what this mail art is and where it's going.


  1. This is a build-yourself mail art, made of toothpaste packaging, going to Peru or Bremen (Germany)... according to their flags' design.

    I'm sure I have not guessed but... Haven't I any point for trying hard? :D

  2. My Dragon! I recognized him instantly. He is very busy going about Dragon Business and has met many of his own kind down at the Green Dragon Pub in Boston.

    1. Glad you like him, and glad you let him go down to the pub!