Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blue and blarch

Steve sent me this interesting envelope.

The back has this fantastical eye... I find the trees in place of eyelashes particularly interesting.

Another one of Steve's hilarious minizines was inside, along with some cool faux stamps. Sylvester is my favorite of the bunch.

And a selected inner page of the zine...


Another day of mystery. Eva already figured out that it is the US flag, but where is it going for a bonus point?


  1. It is going to France for Christophe Blaise 's mail art call on teeth. Am I correct ?

    1. Yes, Eric, you are correct! 1 point, and the runner-up position on the podium.

  2. Oh, I've just see the teeth and I was going to write the same. But I've arrived late!