Monday, March 23, 2015

Banana Mail received

Today is one month since International Banana Bread day (Feb 23).

Here are the Banana Mailings I received.

From Angie & Snooky. 

Love all the non-banana elements, in particular the piglet.


From Linda F.

She included a cool banana stamp. And the kid making a snow angel on the Winter Fun stamp kinda looks like she/he may have slipped on a banana peel if you squint a bit, and don't look too close.

I like the color she used to stamp a banana shape on the back.

From Carina.

A close up of the definitive(?) stamps - I love these, they are so unassuming, yet amazing.

And the fantastic Banana news letter! Watch out for banana mangles!! Not to mention bananas with pointy teeth.


A banana postcard from Rose with bananas... and a blue mail snail.


Great blue and yellow envelope from Katerina.

With instructions.

And the big reveal on the 21st. Love the banana artistamps.


The next two arrived with exquisite timing on the day itself.

From Lynn R

And the rotting banana itself.

From Dan M. Check out the great faux postage.

I like the banana inset in this orientation. It reminds me of dolphins.


Mim wasn't even on the official list, and she sent a very nicely stamped envelope. Jean & Smash - maybe bananas on heads is the new birds on heads?

And a small banana streetscape.


And last but not least, nuts or bananas from Dean, the Artist in Seine. I think he's a bit of both. This is a packet of nuts he ate, then somehow resealed perfectly. The zoo stamp from France is amazingly long, a nice addition.

The back of the packet, with its banana add-ons.

And the contents... two pieces front...

...and back.

Thanks to all the banana mail artists - this was a blast receiving hilarious banana-themed mail over a two week period. Here's the group shot:


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    1. Yes, this is a hilarious group to be part of. There are lots of banana days throughout the year, so i think I'll just stick with playing along in April and November for now.