Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bonus update - incredible bee stamps from Royal Mail.

I do like the variety of US stamps, and there are some great designs, but I think that overall Royal Mail has, on average, the best commemorative stamps (Royal Mail calls them Special Stamps now) in the world.

Just look at these incredible Bees of Britain stamps that were issued today. I can only imagine what Jean or Smash could do to accompany these beauties.

The flowers the bees are collecting pollen or nectar from are also lovely and unusual - from top to bottom and left to right they are: Field Scabious, Bird's-foot Trefoil, Wild Carrot, Bilberry, Horseshoe Vetch, and Ground Ivy.

Royal Mail is also issuing this mini sheet that highlights honeybee behavior - also a fantastic set. I knew nothing about the 'waggle dance' of communication before seeing these.

Scott over at PositivelyPostal has announced a mail art call with the subject of Bees to tie in with this release.

Royal Mail has a great feature on these stamps with some huge images.


  1. These are great stamps. I will have to ask the English side of my family to send me a sheet.

    1. They really are amazing. If I send some bee mail art, hopefully Scott will send me mail with one of these stamps.