Monday, August 10, 2015

Envelope 410: Jumping a hole in the air & Domingo the kunsthund

A while back I sent Heleen a colored-in snail mail she designed accompanied by a few of the Lunar New Year stamps. On her blog she wrote that she 'jumped a hole into the air' when she received it. Such a great expression, a direct translation from Dutch to English - I think our equivalent is 'jumped for joy'.

In response to her gecko, I sent this envelope and letter:

It must have been Euro day when I put Heleen's envelope together, because I sent this to Erni. 

Erni looks after a friend's dog - Domingo - when she is out of town, and this reminded me of the 'kunsthund' (art dog).

And when the two envelopes were sitting waiting to be taken to the mail, this juvenile moment happened that made me laugh.


  1. Very funny... did it really happen by accident ?

    1. Yes, I had set the envelopes down on the table before leaving to mail them, and noticed it when I picked them up, so quickly got a picture.

  2. Thank you, FinnBadger, I love it!

    And indeed funny! Nice to know that Kunsthund Domingo has been looking happily at your envelope for me :-)