Monday, May 16, 2016

Eric Mondays - part 2

It's Eric Monday!

The next four items I sent Eric were cut from this larger piece I printed on card and transparency. This tends to give it more of a 3D effect in person.

They were sent in envelopes from my homemade series, one of which was for the January exchange.

This is envelope 366 - 2016 has the same number of days, if you are looking for a connection to the theme of Eric turning 50.

Envelope 408.

Envelope 250. I was surprised that all of my envelopes numbered X50 have been sent, except this one. I tried to match the tones on the envelope with the stamp selection


  1. You have a good eye for matching envelopes and stamps. Love the spirograph doodle creation!

    1. Thanks, Carroll, I guess the main point of the blog is the envelope + stamp thing. And as for the spirographs, I like to reuse ideas where possible - these are the same ones I used for the MMSA new technique challenge, just played around with on the computer.

  2. Are you sending 50 fifties too? I can't knit so much! ;)

    By the way, the aerogramme has landed safe and sound.

    1. I think Eric has figured out by now that there will be fifty fifties :) Not nearly as amazing as Philippe's 50s, but still fun, I hope.

      And glad the aerogramme made it intact.