Friday, May 20, 2016

Banana Day

Another Banana Day occurred April 20.

This is what I sent out.

And this is what came in.

First, minions from MomKat.

The next day, this much-delayed banana from MomKat showed up.

stripygoose's banana mail showed up next, forsooth! Even the stamp is banana colored.

The next three arrived on the eve of banana day.

From Dean, a little crumpled.

Here's the smoothed out version.

And the front.

A Browning banana from Linda.

And a yellow banana from Toni.

Perfect timing from TicTac, this one arrived on the big day itself with fantastic faux stamps.

A red banana from Carina showed up a few days later.

Sent in this great envelope - with fun (as always) Finnish postage.

And this last one was posted on April 20 in Brazil, arriving 3 weeks later. Thanks for my first Brazilian mail art, Intransferival!


  1. That's a lot of bananas. I don't even know what Banana day is but we used to call my mom "The Banana Lady" (don't ask) so I feel I should know. I love your envelopes in that top photo.

    1. Thanks, I had fun designing the address style, and I got to use up a lot of my Batman stamps.

  2. Love your bananananananana Batma envelopes!

  3. Great collection of Banana Mail Art, and wonderful outgoing envelopes!

    1. Thanks, Heleen, I almost didn't participate in this one. Really glad I did as the incoming mail was very cool.