Monday, July 11, 2016

Eric Mondays, part 11 - aerogrammes

I had been thinking of sending something to Eric using stamps valued 50c for his fifty call, however there are very few issued at that rate. While tidying up, I found a couple of old aerogrammes that I used to use back in the 90s, long before most of my family had email and/or the ability to send texts, with a value of 50c. 

They were always cheaper than regular airmail letters, however after they were discontinued (around 2004, I think) you can only use them if you add postage up to the global rate. On the plus side you can now add things inside to increase the weight up to 1 oz (about 27 g I think) ... which is a good thing given what happened the first time I tried to send one to Eric. It looks like the sorting machines tried to eat it... and of course the machine ate the most important part, the 50. 

I had one Chief Anderson stamp left, and added some card inside to make it sturdier (I hoped). It worked, and you can see how nicely version 2 traveled on Eric's blog.

Eva recently had a post about aerogrammes, (which generated more aerogrammes and another blogpost) so I sent her one, too, also with a bit extra inside. It arrived safely. No more chief stamps left, however I thought the butterfly worked as a symbol of flight.

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