Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I have lost count of the number of pieces I've sent to Christophe for his ongoing mailarteeth project. 


  1. Yes, the theme 'mail art teeth' is so inspiring! I've just sent one, but I have plenty of ideas.
    By the way, when I went to Athe US I saw a lot of advertisements from private luxury dental clinics who offer esthetic dental treatments (so I thought to have found an answer to my wondering why so many American actresses have the same 'perfect' (almost artificial, I thought) smile :-) ). Here in the Netherlands I see advertisements like this only every now and then. But I've cut out them and will use them for mail art, if I have more time, for Christophe, too. Did you use advertisements like that in your mail art, too?

    1. *the USA, not Athe US, sorry for mistyping.

    2. I have some 'mail' that I get all the time, maybe not quite so much for the 'beautiful Hollywood smile' clinics, but for dental treatment. I am sure something will come of it.