Friday, July 1, 2016

Postmark mystery

Remember the set of eight envelopes I sent in celebration of DADA?

Well, the arrivals of most of them have been blogged and I noticed something interesting.

They were all mailed from the same place. And yet various different things happened to them.

Some received no postmark at all.

One received the standard spray-on cancellation.

One was hand stamped :)

And yet another earned itself one of the GIANT postmarks that I find so entertaining. It certainly covered all the stamps.

A real mail mystery, I think.

And on two envelopes I sent to Eric from the same postbox at the same time (mailed on his birthday so he could have 50th birthday postmarks), one standard spray on cancellation...

...and a machine one that I think is very attractive.

I haven't seen my envelopes receive that last one very often, but one I do remember involved a 66c spicebush butterfly stamp... coincidence? or conspiracy?


  1. I told yesterday to my friend Laura about The Big Bag Theory, and she told me that probably there are two bags: one for postcards and one for letters. Because you put both in the same mailbox and they arrive on different days. Now we must add the conspiracies regarding stamps/postmarks... :)

    1. I knew you would enjoy this post.
      And it is strange that postcards seem to take longer, even when the cost of postage is the same.