Saturday, April 6, 2019

Fred Bear

Really nice drawing of a teddy bear on this exchange envelope from Trish. Reminds me a bit of my own childhood bear (who is not in such great condition, I have to say).


  1. It's a nice drawing. I don't have my first teddy bear any more (but a beloved one: a stuffed... Smurf!)

  2. A sweet bear and a true quote!

    I lost my fav childhood bear somewhere in the past decennia, I think at my parents'place. He (or she?) was not in a good condition either, and somehow the bear has disappeared, vanished.. So nice to read your experiences - interesting how many of us always cherish sweet memories of our first bear (and smurf)!

    1. It does seem to be a consistent theme. I think my bear spent many year's at my mother's place before finally coming to live with me.