Wednesday, April 10, 2019

More Randomagus from Eva

Another great envelope made by Eva from an art exhibit catalog featuring the collage work of Randomagus.

The franking machine also made absolutely sure each stamp was postmarked . -and yet managed to not obscure the art.

Thanks so much - I love this one.


  1. The stamps match well with the collage on the envelope!
    And such a funny stamp: I've never seen a bank note stamp like this before :-)

    1. And it is a very small stamp, too.

    2. That stamp belongs to a series about decades. Each decade is represented by 4 stamps (the theme has been voted by the subscribers to the philatelic service). I've think I have sent some of them to you both (and the postcards, to Heleen).

      Here you have the links (click on the images of the sheet to enlarge):
      - The 1990s.
      - The 1980s.
      - The 1970s.
      . The 1960s.
      - The 1950s.