Sunday, April 7, 2019

G is for Gingerbread

I hope the snow is over for 2019, but you never know.

I sent these 2013 gingerbread house stamps to Eva earlier in the year. They were the secular holiday stamps that year.

For more G stamps, head over to the links at Sunday Stamps.


  1. This was a very nice envelope to get, and a fun addition to the Houses in the Mail project.

    I hadn't seen any snow this winter outside the letters and postcards.

  2. I received the same but i had to resist not to eat these appetizing small gingerhouses ! i loved this enveloppe very much ,thank 's a lot !

  3. I loved that series of gingerbread houses.
    and am a little envious of anyone who did not see any snow (and ice!) this winter...

  4. I can't remember the last time I had gingerbread either on a stamp or as food.

  5. They are delightful, I like the different coloured doors, happily I think with no witches behind them.