Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Coral Reef Mystery

I received this great collage postcard (made from the selvage of the coral reef stamp sheet). Perfect ahead of the possible 10 inches of snow expected tonight!

There is sadly something missing from the back - it must have made it through the initial franking process, as the cancellation is cut off, but didn't make it to the point of IMB application.

Based on the typed address, and the clues in the half-frank, I think it is from Jan H. Perhaps she will see this post and remember what she had written/affixed.

I also really like the use of previous first class stamps for postcards.


  1. It is from me. I used the backing from the stamps on the back. It was on glossy paper, so it must have come unstuck. Basically, it just told how I created the postcard.

  2. Aha, just call me the mail detective! Thanks again.