Thursday, February 6, 2014

Friend or Faux postcard #34

I was checking out Karen I's art blog and saw she had posted about the Friends & Faux postcard she had received. She planned to send it to the first person replying to that update - and I was in the right place at the right time, so now I have it. 

My addition to it will be in a forthcoming update. In the meantime, definitely click on the image to enlarge it and check the details on the stamps, particularly Karen's.

This is a great collaborative art idea, and you can see more at the Friends & Faux postcard blog where you can follow the travelogs of the postcards.


  1. Do you need someone to send it to? (Hint, hint???)

  2. Sorry, that was a bit rude and impulsive! No doubt you have plans for it.

    1. I do have plans for it, although I do have a second F&F card coming to me and I'd be happy to send it on.

      You don't have to apologize for being impulsive - I think it is great that art can make people feel passionate and excited to the point of wanting to do something spontaneous. And I didn't think it was rude. A little forward maybe, but not rude ;)

    2. Ah, you're sweet. I am on a mail art roll today, so I'll something your way on Monday.