Wednesday, February 19, 2014

St Valentine's Day part 1, Year of the Horse part 2

Last Friday ended up being the best day for mail since I started sending out envelopes, postcards etc under the broad guise of mail art - a total of 8 great postcards and 3 great envelopes!

I received 8 postcards from the MMSA postcard swap, the theme was the Year of the Horse. I sent 11 in for the exchange, so hopefully there are another 3 to come. Scans do not do them justice - many of them are collages, so each has a different feel, and they are different sizes, which the scanner tends to obscure. It was amazing to get all these at once, even though I'd seen many of them on Karen I's website

From Karen Y and Valerie K (the seahorse is a great interpretation of theme, and is one of my favorites):

From Eric (all the way from France!) and Tricia J:

From Susie H and Tina W (the green is an overlay with the horse shape cut out - very cool, and my other favorite of a very cool bunch):

From Currie S and Naila M: 


  1. they are all truly great cards and a fun way to fill up ones mailbox.

  2. Your card arrived with the other outstanding two on Tuesday, four days later. They'll all be in the blog in a future entry.