Sunday, February 16, 2014

Friends & Faux postcard 34 addition

I added my faux stamp to the F&F card. It is one of a few stamps I created with faux classic sci fi titles. My own titles were inspired by, and used the colors of, Adam McCauley's genius monster stamps

[Adam also has a fantastic sense of humor - check his Comix section out - these would also make amazing stamps]

Karen covered up the previous stamp with a muscle car one. Since it was not franked by the PO, I added 66c to the 49c of a forever stamp to get to the international rate of 1.15, since this one is heading to France next. Nice to have some easy options for variety when sending mail abroad.

I'm getting very interested in the whole faux stamp/artistamp aspect of mail art. And where is the Finnbadger post office located? Fauxhio, of course. I have another F&F card heading my way soon, so there'll be a future update about that.


  1. nice stamp! I got your PCs the day before I left. There is a abundance of jaw-dropping atistamp inspiration at XPF.

    1. Glad to hear it was inspiring... I get the feeling it could be quite intimidating.