Friday, February 21, 2014

St Valentine's Day part 3 - Cut Paper Heart Color Cancellation from Colorado

This was also waiting for me in my bumper St Valentine's Day mail. I ordered some pre-perforated, dry-gummed sheets for making my own faux stamps from the Olathe Poste. The sheets feed into your printer, you just need to design your stamps and you're in business. No more making perforations by hand with a hypodermic needle for Finnbadger.

Their service is very good, and then on top of that they sent me this thank you card, with a fancy St Valentine's Day cancellation. There's also one of their faux stamps on the envelope.


  1. Nice envelope and looking forward to seeing your faux postage. Any series or ideas in mind?

  2. I have a couple of series done with slit-perforations. I have a set of 'definitives' done on the machined perforated sheets - they'll be on the blog eventually.