Sunday, May 4, 2014

Diary of a missing postcard: Saturday

I had been wondering when the fourth MMSA map card would arrive.

This came with the mail a couple of Saturday's ago:

34c due? Must be an MMSA card, I thought, and probably the map one that's missing.
I've received a lot of postcards this year, and none of them have had stamps missing, so not too worried about paying an extra 34c. 

Item not available until after 10am Monday at the PO, so stay tuned for part 2!


  1. So the Post Office is holding you map for a ransom of .34 What if it is a map of buried treasure and the treasure has now been stolen? Worse what if it is one of mine and I am now indebted to you for .34 Monday will tell all after 10am. Waiting patiently for the outcome...

    1. Tomorrow is the final episode in this particular card's adventure.