Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scavenger Hunt - letter S

This MMSA challenge involved finding 10 items beginning with the letter S. Not only did I have a tough time finding 10 items, but I had an even harder time creating a pleasing composition. I sent the top card in for the challenge, and the bottom one in for the host, Karen:

And received this fun card from Gina V:

See if you can guess the 10 items beginning with S from each card. I'll post the answers in a forthcoming update.


  1. snake, seahorse, sheep, shar-pei (sp?), siamese cat, soap wrapper, shell, swan, shoreline, sleepy eyes, shape of a heart, sample of paint colors, silo - that's 13.

    finn...yours will take longer

  2. finn's postcard has: six 6's, sprouts, sidewalk, stained glass, shape of a tree, stock number listings, a stamp, surfers (maybe, i can't see what the dots are doing in the water), and i am calling that tall thin green shape in the top-center a swamp - cuz i can't tell what it is.

  3. oh..i forgot the serpentine wall on the far right....

    1. The post with the answers is here, Jean: http://envelope100.blogspot.com/2014/05/scavenger-hunt-answers.html