Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Diary of a missing postcard: Wednesday

The 'paid' post office card showed up in the mail Wednesday attached to this fantastic map card which is from Sherry in Alaska. I was surprised by the coincidence that two houses on the same street had postcards with missing postage on the same day.

Also interesting is that the card looks like it should have been returned to sender based on this stamp on it:

I'm glad it didn't have to go all the way back to Alaska only to be sent all the way back to me.


  1. Glad to see the Post Card arrived! Nice card, would have been a very long trip to Alaska and back. All on 34 cents.

  2. I love this card, was entertained by its (slightly) extended journey here, and glad it didn't have to make the trip again - although the story would have grown!

  3. that is so strange. and it makes me wonder if the stamp fell off in transit, or if I failed to notice it had no stamp when I dropped it in the mailbox? glad it made it to you.

    1. Either of those things could have happened - and it filled up a few days of the blog, so not bad for an extra 34c.