Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tangledelay - F&F #67

After my first participation in about Su's Friends & Faux postcard project I shopped for a card in her etsy store.

Weeks went by, no card appeared. After about 4 weeks I emailed her, and she graciously sent me a replacement. That was #70.

And of course, a few more weeks went by and #67 showed up, with this rather large label on the back:

Looking at the amount of postage Su had on the envelope it certainly didn't seem to be insufficient, however this one must have travelled by surface mail (not sure if anyone uses that term anymore).

This is my addition to this one - one of my black & white flowers stamps. A little large for the space provided, but I made it work. I sent this off to Jan H and her artist group - I'll be interested to see what they come up with.


  1. Hi Phillip, I am FINALLY getting my artistamp together and have added it to Friends and Faux #70 that you sent me. I didn't quite understand your message though. Do you want me to send it on to YOU or to someone else? I think you meant the former. I just want to be sure. - Adrienne

    1. Great to hear you added your stamp - I love this project - and have sent you a potential recipient for the next addition.