Sunday, May 31, 2015

Envelope 495 - Red

I found an extra copy of one of the photos I used for a red/black/white MMSA challenge and sent them in for Mick Boyle's Red mail call.

Sent in a red envelope.

The Year of the Rat stamps from 2008 are valued at 41c - from 2011 this series has been issued as non-denominated Forever stamps.

Today the US post office rates go up for some classes of mail, and some more non-denominated stamps are being issued tomorrow to join the Forever, Global Forever, and pre-stamped Forever postcards and envelopes. All images are from USPS.

The postcard rate is up 1c to 35c. Many countries no longer have a lower rate for postcards, so this is a bargain.

The Forever stamps for one ounce letters are staying at 49c. Lots to choose from!

Two ounce rate

Up 1c to 71c. These three stamps are re-issues of current stamps.

Three ounce rate.

Up 2c to 93c. This stamp is being issued June 5. Jean already has plans for this one! Flannery O'Connor also cover the rate for a two ounce non-machinable letter.
The maximum weight for a letter is 3.5 oz (which would cost $1.15), but there's no new stamp for that one, presumably because it would be used rarely.

There is a new one ounce non-machinable surcharge stamp. Up 1c to 71c (yes, the same cost as the two ounce rate). A new addition to the butterfly series.

And finally a stamp for the additional ounce rate.

Up 1c to 22c. This one by Nancy Stahl is my favorite of the new releases.

First class international rate is up 5c to $1.20 for a one ounce letter. This rate also covers a two ounce letter to Canada. If the letter is non-machineable, add 22c. No new stamps are being issued for this rate, as there are non-denominated Global Forever stamps already. Presumably when stock runs low there'll be a new design.

The first class small package rate is also increasing.

Up 22c to $2.54 for a package of up to three ounces. Each additional ounce (up to a maximum of 13 oz) is up 2c to 20c. I'm surprised this extra ounce rate is not the same as the letter extra ounce rate to make life simpler for everyone.

What do you think of the new non-denominated stamps? Any ones stand out as new favorites?

And as an aside, I know nothing major is happening today as far as stamp releases goes, but I've been wondering why the calendar only has 30 days in May...


  1. Wow those new bird stamps are gorgeous. All in all some lovely stamps to use on post.

    1. I agree - some very attractive stamps for the new rates.

  2. It is nice that the postal service thinks of customers when increase the rates. They don't do so in Spain nor in Morocco. When they change the rates, you can go to the post office, give your old stamps and obtain the the new ones by paying the difference. But they do not sell stamps of 1 or 2 centimes (only in the main post offices of big cities), so it is quite difficult to continue using the old ones.

    1. The way different post offices work is fascinating. I realize how lucky we are with the variety of stamps the USPS has available, and how easy they are to obtain.