Thursday, May 21, 2015

Envelopes 276 & 277 - rothkos for rebecca & roland

I was searching for something to send Rebecca, and this Rothko envelope jumped out. As it was heading overseaes, I decided to add a few different stamps that, hopefully, have similar colors, rather than my usual habit of adding three of the same stamp.

Likewise, I was looking for something to send Roland to thank him for all his work on the great documentation for the Malerwinkelhaus mail art project.

The remaining Rothko envelopes caught my eye, but I didn't think I had good stamps for them. I finally went through the stamps one by one and I think these vintage seed packets are a great fit.


  1. very beautiful colors and textures, they definitely give an air of rothko!

    1. They are made from pages of a Rothko monthly calendar.