Monday, May 4, 2015

Mail art books

I sent a series of trashpo mail art books for some IUOMA people - MomKat, Linda F, De Villo Sloan, DKULT, Mail Art Martha, PetrolPetal. Erni has since left the IUOMA platform, he was also sent one. I included many pieces from these correspondents in the books, so they are all collaborations to some extent.

This is just a random selection of pages from all of them.

Bonus picture that Erni took of the book I sent him:

I wish I had taken photos like this to show, as Erni described it, the 3-D nature of the books.


  1. Glad you like them, they are fun to make, and the inspiration is the MMSA paper bag book challenge (which I didn't take part in).

  2. These are very cool, and a good way to keep some of the mail art one receives alive and moving, I am inspired...

    1. Wow, never thought they'd be inspiring - glad you like them