Sunday, August 27, 2017

D is for Delicisio

A set of six stamps highlighting the impact of Latin American cuisine in the food culture of the USA.

Used to mail these microwave meal package covers.


  1. these all look good (and I'm up for anything with mango in it)

  2. Delicioso indeed, I'll plump for the paella.

  3. ¡Que rico, sabroso, delicioso!

    The tamales - made of corn flour, cooked in banana leaves - remind me of my stay in Central America, many years ago for almost half a year. And the ceviche reminds me of a great holiday in Perú, when visiting a friend who was working in Lima at that time. Memorias deliciosas, also :-)
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Of these four, the bean & mango cubano was my favorite, the paella my least favorite.

  5. The paella has still to be published. Did you try all of them for mail purposes? ;)

    1. No, I actually have been taking these for lunch. Only after the issue of Delicisio did I think about recycling them for the mail.